Membership in the Academy is by Election Only

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In order to be eligible for election to membership in the Academy, an attorney must be a member of the California Bar in good standing who has shown to the satisfaction of the Academy that he or she possesses each of the following qualifications: (1) good character and professional reputation, (2) outstanding appellate ability, and (3) a continuing commitment to quality appellate practice.

An applicant must have been a member of the bar for not less than 10 years, been lead counsel in not less than 25 appeals or writ proceedings, and orally argued at least 15 appeals or writs. Lead counsel is defined as the attorney who has personally (1) read or directed the review of the record on appeal, (2) performed or directed the principal legal research, and (3) been the principal author of all the briefs. An appeal is defined as a proceeding on the merits before an appellate court which has been fully briefed and either is pending, or has been terminated by decision or settlement. Writs are defined as proceedings which have been substantially briefed by both sides and decided on the merits. A proceeding that has been reviewed by more than one appellate court shall count as one proceeding. For purposes of ascertaining length of time as a member of the Bar, the time spent by a prospective Member as a clerk to a judge of an appellate court shall be counted, even though during such time of employment as clerk the prospective Member was not yet admitted to the Bar.  A retired judicial applicant must have been lead counsel in at least 5 appeals or writs, and orally argued at least 5 appeals or writs, after retirement from the bench.

To apply, please click here to obtain an application, and also please contact the President of the Academy:

Robert A. Olson
Greines, Martin, Stein & Richland LLP
5900 Wilshire Boulevard, 12th Floor
Los Angeles, California  90036
Telephone: (310) 859-7811